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Koma Visualization is an architecture visualization studio, specialized in Still Image and Static VR for projects around the world. Our studio is based in Tangerang, Indonesia. From 2015, we have collaborated with more than 100+ clients, and have finished 5000+ finished images worldwide.

We are proud to pioneer straight-forward rendering style, which aims for honesty and realism in portraying architecture / interior, opening true possibilities in seeing pre-built design. Beauty is always considered by us, without excessive beautification.

As a visual company specialized in architecture and interior visualization, Koma, or comma in English, acts as the separation part between the ideas and realization​ of architecture, creating continuity within a project. We strive to explore the vast creativity and imagination in every architectural projects, without losing the main core of the design. We are committed to always continue exploring the possibilities of visualizing architecture.

Our works have constantly been featured in Renderbox Magazine, Render Awards, Render Contest, CGTop, Amazing Architecture, Architecture Hunter, All of Renders, and other architecture visualization publications.


e   info@komavisualization.com

a   Tangerang, Indonesia

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